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Teatro Espejo partnered with Teatro Nagual to Co-Produce Frida Kahlo


Diana Mandujano as Frida Kahl0 

Richard Falcon as Diego Rivera      

John Dryden as Judas                      

Mariana Seda as Christina               

Valentina Portela as Paula              

Directed by Manuel Pickett            

Frida Kahlo was a renowned surrealist painter, social reformer, and wife of the prominent Mexican painter/muralist, Diego Rivera. The story of their tempestuous romance is the focus of the play. Frida Kahlo was known for her emotional paintings; forever remembered as a distinctive artist whose paintings conveyed the “pain and passion” of her relationships, her physical torment, and her conflicted feelings about the feminine experience and sexuality. "My reputation as an artist will not coincide with the cult of my personality," says the heroine of "Frida Kahlo." Dr. Manuel Pickett’s staging of Rubén Amavizca Murúa's surreal collage about the iconic Mexican artist is an intense summation of her creative core as much as  documentation of her remarkable history.


Sacramento Elly Award winner, Diana Mandujano portrayed Frida Kahlo, Richard Falcón presented her husband Diego Rivera, Frida’s alter ego was played by John Dryden and Frida’s sister, Christina, was played by Mariana Seda. Valentina Portela will portrayed the actress, Paula (a role fashioned after the famous Mexican film actress Maria Felix) one of Diego’s affairs.


Frida Kahlo performed September 9 to October 16, 2011

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