About Us

Lyra and Irene In the Time of the Butterflies


Creating brave artistic space for scientists, educators, and artists to come together and share knowledge.

The objective is to provide emotional healing by creating relevant quality theatre along with mobile theatrical experiences that embody our core values.


Empower, educate, and heal community through storytelling and theatre.

Core Values 

  • Love and acceptance of one another 
  • Respect and healing of our Mother Earth and her people 
  • The voices and stories of the most marginalized must be heard 
  • To unite artistically 
Rehearsal In the Time of the butterflies


Teatro Nagual (TeNa) was founded in 2006 and incorporated in 2009 with the mission to create innovative, artistic, educational programming that embodies the core values of Cesar Chavez and foster service to others. Those core values include: 

Acceptance of all People
A Preference to help the Most Needy
Celebrating Community
Respect for Life and the Environment
Service to Others

Reflecting these values, TeNa staged productions including the musical “Let the Eagle Fly,” “Soldaderas,” “Anna in the Tropics,” “In the Time of the Butterflies,” and “Cesar and Ruben.” In 2016, Teatro Nagual shifted its mission to creating innovative, educational, live, mobile theater, and art experiences throughout the Sacramento Region focusing on, but not limited to, the Latino community.  

Our re-emergence and re-birth have expanded our core values to add to our repertoire of stories and discussions of how we can continue our journey towards an enlightened humanity. By presenting quality theatrical experiences and bi-lingual, non-partisan, pop-ups, TeNa brings life to the issues of economic well-being, health disparities, environmental justice, immigration challenges, voter participation, and stories relevant to the community; sometimes encouraging people to laugh while finding common ground, promoting civic engagement, and empowering citizens and performers to seek change to better their lives and the lives of their families. As written in the Four Agreements, educators, scientists, and artists should come together to share knowledge that generates action, and participation in the spectators.  

Anna II