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Los Legendarios

“Como un Ladrón”

Como Un Ladrón (Like a Thief) Sacramento, CA, marzo 26, 2023.  Enlace de canción: Al conmemorar tres años desde que “El ladrón” (covid-19) entró en el mundo, se robó la paz, la vida y cerró el planeta, nace la canción “Como un ladrón” para fortificar esperanzas y recordar que no podemos bajar la guardia.  “El ladrón” sigue… continue reading

Press Release

Media Inquiries: Contact Richard Falcon at 916-549-3341 and All-Latino Cast and Director Launch Pulitzer Prize Nominated Play at The Sofia, Home of B Street Theater Sacramento, CA, February 26, 2022 – Pulitzer Prize nominated play Lydia by Octavio Solis, opens Teatro Nagual’s 2022/23 season with this penetrating, intense, and magical production at The Sofia,... continue reading

A New Start

Rebranding As the pandemic roared through our global community, at home here in Sacramento, the impact to the artists was devastating. It impacted all I knew. As Latino’s, we were hit hard. Our people were dying around us. It became clear, the stories of our people still needed to be told.  Teatro Nagual (TeNa) shifted... continue reading