As the pandemic roared through our global community, at home here in Sacramento, the impact to the artists was devastating. It impacted all I knew. As Latino’s, we were hit hard. Our people were dying around us.

It became clear, the stories of our people still needed to be told.  Teatro Nagual (TeNa) shifted to virtual offerings, and we produced four theatrical experiences, and partnered to deliver information of the pandemic. They were dark times, but in the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the book “The Four Agreements,” the Nagual is the light between the stars. Darkness is merely the absence of light. TeNa to fulfill it’s mission, and reinvent itself in times of change, knew it was needed more that ever to continue to shine that light in our artistic work.

How do we continue to shine?

By producing quality theatrical experiences. By creating mobile social justice theatrical performances to inform and educate our community about civic engagement, and environmental justice. By growing the next generation of Latino teaching artists. Finally, we will continue to partner with others organizations to improve the quality of life not only for our community, but for all.

We go for the better

So, we rebranded. We changed our logo. We modified our mission and vision. We continued and expanded our values. We have a new board. A new website. A new social media presence.

Join us

As we navigate this new world with a lot of the same challenges, let’s pause to love one another. Let’s recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences. We are more alike than we are different.

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